How You Can Learn Guitar Effortlessly in Just 30 Days

Every guitarist whether a beginner or an intermediate has some questions like:

How can I learn the guitar?

What are the best apps to learn guitar?

How much time does it take to learn guitar?

Can we learn guitar at home or should I join classes to learn guitar?

Well, I will give you the best free resources from where you can learn guitar online easily.

You can easily learn guitar at home with the help of the internet and with 30-60 minutes consistently practice.

We have several free resources for every kind of person like:

  • Free lectures for those who want to learn guitar online using videos
  • Free mobile apps for those who want to learn guitar from online/offline apps.
  • Some awesome websites from where you can learn guitar chords and songs.

How to choose a perfect guitar for yourself:

When we talk about learning guitar, The very first thing comes in mind that do I have the best guitar for myself? 

See If you already have an acoustic guitar, it’s good. But if you don’t have one either Buy a guitar or take from someone who won’t mind giving you his/her guitar. And also, taking guitar from someone for just learning is good but it is not a permanent solution.

If you want to buy a suitable guitar for you according to the price then you can check reviews on the best guitars for beginners

Buying a perfect guitar is very important as you have to keep your guitar for a very long period of time.

Learn Guitar Step-By-Step:

Learning things with step-by-step makes learning interesting and easier, so make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Learn All Guitar Body Parts
  2. Learn Guitar String Names
  3. A Complete Fretboard Knowledge
  4. How To Tune An Acoustic Guitar(with or without a tuner)
  5. How To Play Tabs on Guitar
  6. Learn How To Strum A Guitar
  7. Basic Chords
  8. Learn Basic Strumming Patterns

You should buy a Copy to write all the important informations for a better understanding even after a long time.

1. All Guitar Part Names:

An Acoustic guitar has different parts with different names and different features. So, before learning guitar you should know about the parts of the guitars.

I don’t acknowledge you about the wood and all but rather than this I will tell you the features of the parts.

Acoustic guitar:

Acoustic guitar parts

Image Source: [Liberty park music]

This is the full body of an acoustic guitar which consists of these several parts:

  • Machine heads(Tuning Peg)
  • Nut
  • Fret
  • Heel
  • Sound hole
  • Strings
  • Saddle
  • Bridge
  • Soundboard(Soundbox)

2. Guitar Strings Name:

Every acoustic guitar has 6 strings whose combination makes the sound very beautiful.

It is the very first and important thing you should learn because every time you see a chord, there will be the name of the strings which you have to understand.

It is very easy to learn strings names but first, you check this picture.


Here you can see the name of the strings used in the guitar.

we generally used to learn from up to down but here in case of guitar, we go from down to up. hence the chords are EBGDAE(from lower string to higher string)

Now there are many phrases which are used to learn this but the one which I know is:

Every Bad Guy Drinks And Eat

So, keeping this in mind that in Guitar, The first(1st) string is the lowest one and the last string(6th) is the upper one.

3. Fretboard knowledge:

The fretboard is the collection of the small frets of the guitar. Acoustic guitars mainly have 2 types of the fretboard.

  1. A guitar which has 18 Frets(Medium-sized guitar)
  2. A guitar that consists of 20 Frets(Dreadnought guitar)

So, Before moving forward, check whether your guitar has 18 frets or 20 frets. Although if you don’t have a 20 fret guitar, you don’t have to take tension because you will rarely use this much higher frets.

Guitar Fretboard

you can see this is how the fretboard looks like.

It has these white dots(maybe your guitar has different color dots). these dots helps us to remember the number of frets.

A guitar usually has dots on 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th fret. this is going to help us when we start playing chords.

4. How to tune an acoustic guitar:

tuning guitar correctly is very important for a better quality sound hence you should know how to tune an acoustic guitar so that you can tune it any time anywhere.

So, for tuning your guitar you should have a good tuner

guitar tuner

Buy Tuner From Amazon

This is how a digital tuner looks like. So If you have a tuner, that’s good but If you don’t have one, you should buy one.

Tuners are compact and they can be easily transferred from one place to another. and they are very useful if you want to practice daily because whenever you complete your daily guitar practice, you have to lose the strings so that the strain will not there in guitar.

You can easily learn tuning guitar once you have the tuner.

How to tune a guitar without a tuner:

So, If you don’t have a Guitar digital tuner and you don’t want to buy a tuner now, it’s OK.

I personally suggest you the best app for tuning guitar without internet so that you can tune an acoustic guitar by just having a smartphone.

The name of the App is GuitarTuna.

free guitar tuner

you can download it from Playstore. It is totally free and the best thing is that this app can tune all the types of guitars like bass guitar, ukulele, Acoustic guitar as well.

Download GuitarTuna

5. How to play Tabs on guitar:

Tabs are the starting of learning about the rhythm of any song. people loves to play tabs on guitar but before we start, you may have questions like:

what are tabs?

how to play tabs?

So, I can not write that what is tabs but I can show you through a video.

I think you understand now that what is the tab part of the guitar and believe me it is the most exciting part of the guitar and it is not hard to learn.

you can learn them easily by just practice 10-15 minutes a day.

Now here the strings names and fret number comes to play an important role, so you have to learn the strings name for playing guitar tabs.

6. How to strum an acoustic guitar:

Strumming is the key part and the first step towards learning guitar. strumming is the reason for different sounds produced in a song.


  • Picks(Plectrums)
  • Pickguard(To Protect your guitar from scratches)

These 2 are the most important things you need if you are a beginner because you can’t strum perfectly without learning with picks.

guitar pick

Jim Dunlop guitar picks are the best quality picks you can have.

Note: This is my suggestion only

Buy Picks From Amazon

guitar pickguard

Buy Pickguard From Amazon

now after you have all these things, make sure you learn how to hold a pick(plectrum) in your hands.

guitar pick

Image Source : []

After holding a pick, just strike your pick from top to bottom with an upward angle and then strike back the pick from bottom to top with a downward angle.

Just have a look at this video which helps you understanding better strumming techniques.

I hope you understand how to strike a pick on the guitar strings.

7. Basic chords:

Chords play an important role in guitar and it causes you a sweet pain and some marks on your fingers which you can’t change.

Some people ask me some questions on Quora like Can we learn guitar without pain?

The answer is No, There is a quote you must have heard.

“No pain, no gain”

And it’s true because you can’t learn guitar without pain and those fingermarks and the pain doesn’t stay forever, The pain is just temporary in the beginning.

When your finger muscles get tough after playing guitar for 2-3 months, The pain goes away so don’t leave learning guitar just because of the pain.

Here are some basic chords, you have to practice them daily for 30 minutes with strumming.

C Major Chord
C Major Chord
G Major Chord
G Major Chord
A Minor Chord
F Major Chord
E Major Chord
E Major Chord
D Major Chord
D Major Chord

These are some of the basic chords and for a good knowledge of chords you can download the guitar tuna app, It has a chord library that helps you in finding any chord you want.

Download GuitarTuna

8. Most Used Strumming Patterns for Beginners:

Strumming patterns are the reason for different kinds of sound in every song but As a beginner, you should know some strumming patterns that are used in most of the songs.

Once you learn these strumming patterns, you can learn every strumming pattern in just a few minutes/hours.

Note: This video is in Hindi

These are the 5 guitar patterns you should learn and you can easily learn these patterns with a daily practice of 30 minutes.

Here, U denotes the Upward strike of pick, and D denotes Downward strike.

  1. Strumming-1
    • D | DU | UDU
  2. Strumming-2
    • DDU | UDU
  3. Strumming-3
    • D | UDUD | UDUD
  4. Strumming-4
    • DDD | UDUD | UDU
  5. Strumming-5
    • DU DU | UDU

These strummings are enough for a good start.

Best sources to learn guitar songs:

Now after learning basics, I want you to explore by trying learning songs which helps you getting better in learning guitar and make you more comfortable with your guitar.

After learning chords, this is the main part of learning because when you play a song, you will learn about the shifting of chords which is the starting part of guitar songs.

There are many sources that makes you learn songs very easy but I will suggest you these best sources from where you can learn Hindi as well as English songs easily.

1. Youtube:

Youtube is the best source of learning guitar as the videos makes us more comfortable in learning things.

My personally preferred playlist on youtube is here that I recommend every guitarist(either beginner or an intermediate player) because I learned most of things from this channel.

Make sure you check this channel of Acoustic pahadi

He makes you understand everything about the guitar in this playlist so make sure you watch the whole playlist and understand the whole basics of guitar.

He also teaches songs on the guitar in a very easy manner. So if you have a smartphone and a good internet connection, you can learn the whole guitar on youtube alone.

2. Popular websites:

good content websites are another source of the learning guitar because you won’t find every song on youtube but you can find almost all songs on different websites.

My personal choice is because they have almost every song in their websites and they have a detailed description of every song with all the chords that are used with complete song lyrics and correct strumming pattern.

So, instead of roaming everywhere for your favourite song, you can go to this website and you’ll get all the answers.


As a Beginner, you have a lot of things to learn in an acoustic guitar but these simple steps with a consistency will make you a better guitarist one day. Just remember that learning is a slow process but with a consistent effort, you can get the maximum out of it.

These Several steps are very Important to remember things because you might forget some informations later.

Additional Information:

After you learn guitar basics and you want to explore more songs then just google this term:

[song + chords and strumming]

This term will make you reach to the best content on the song which you are searching for. and if you want to know about the tabs of a particular song then google again this term:

[song + tabs]

the result of this will show you the tab part of the particular song. So, these little things are important because it keeps you aware of everything on the songs you like.

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