12 Important Guitar Accessories You Should Have

If you have a guitar or you are about to buy a Best Acoustic guitar then you should know about these important guitar accessories.

These accessories are very important for a good life of guitar as well as a good understanding of guitar with you.

A question arrives here that:

What are the main guitar accessories?

See, every accessory I have mentioned below is main and important, You can priorities them according to you. Here are the names of Acoustic guitar accessories

  1. Guitar Strings
  2. Capo
  3. Metal String Wipes
  4. Peg Winder
  5. Tuner
  6. Cleanser
  7. Gig Bag
  8. Picks/Plectrum
  9. Guitar Holder
  10. Guitar Stand
  11. Multi-Tool Kit
  12. Belt

What accessories do I need?

Make a list according to your need from the above accessories. But according to me, you need every one of these accessories for the better performance of your guitar.

Where to buy guitar accessories?

You can buy it from A nearby guitar shop or from a trustworthy websites but I would recommend you buy from online platforms because there will be a large number of options you can have.

12 Must-Have Guitar Accessories:

I have written down the 12 guitar accessories which are necessary for a guitarist(either a beginner or intermediate).

1. Strings:

You will need guitar strings every time when you feel the rust and the dirt on the guitar string which can’t be removed from simply cleaning them.

Selecting a guitar string is difficult because there are so many options in the market for strings.

String Buying Guide:

Next time when you buy guitar strings, you need to keep these factors in mind while selecting a guitar string for your guitar:

  • Type of guitar
  • Thickness of guitar
  • Material of strings

1.1 Type Of Guitar:

When you buy a guitar string, you need to know that what type of guitar do you have like acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, etc.

Because the electric guitar strings can not be used in acoustic guitar and vice-versa.

So, no 2 guitars can have the same type of strings and every guitar has a specific kind of strings that make it’s sound different and unique.

Also, If you have nylon string acoustic guitar then you can’t use a steel-string guitar in that also. Make sure you have proper knowledge of your guitar.

1.2 Thickness Of Strings:

Now after knowing the type of guitar you have, you should know about what thickness of the string do you need?

When you see a guitar string packet there are numbers written on them like 10/48 or 12/42. Here 10 and 12 are the thickness of the lowermost string of your guitar.

Now the question might arrive that: what thickness should I go for?

Choosing thickness of a string is purely your choice, some people love to play with light strings while some want to play with the heavy strings only.

Light strings are used for good tab part while the heavy strings used for high bass.

If your guitar does not have a truss rod then I will suggest you go for light strings but if you want loud sound for your guitar then go for heavy strings.

My Suggestion for Beginners:

I would suggest you go for a medium thickness of string so that you can learn guitar easily.

1.3 Material Of String:

The material of strings plays an important role here because the same thickness of strings which have different material will sound differently.

So make sure you pick the correct material for your guitar.

So, every guitar demands a different material of string, like if you have:

  • Acoustic Guitar can have coated 80/20 bronze strings which consist of 80% of copper and 20% of zinc.
  • Electric Guitar can have nickel-plated steel(pure steel string).
  • Classical Guitar always consists of nylon guitar strings.

So, these are the factors you should look while buying the guitar strings.

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings:

Acoustic guitars mainly have coated bronze or phosphor bronze guitar strings which are the best suitable material for strings. and if you are a beginner then you should go for the medium thickness of guitar strings.

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Best Electric Guitar Strings:

Electric guitars can be comfortably played with nickel-plated or pure steel in case of material and you can choose the thickness of the string according to your comfort.

Buy Electric Guitar Strings

Best Classical Guitar Strings:

Classical guitars consist of nylon strings. There is much string gauge in classical guitar string as there is tension used to know about the strings.

Classical Guitar Strings

2. String Cleaner:

You might think that why do I need this? but honestly, if you want your strings to live longer and smooth then you need to have this and use it every time when you feel that the guitar strings are rusty.

Cleaning strings on a regular basis will help you getting a good sound of guitar because the sound of the guitar gets dull after the strings get old.

Do not clean strings with any cleaner, because every item is made for a special purpose hence use only a trustworthy string cleaner.

Its okay to not change the guitar strings every week but the strings get rusty with time. So instead of changing guitar strings with time you can clean them regularly with string cleaner.

3. Capo:

Capo is the first thing you should buy after the guitar as it is the most important thing one can have.

It is a very inexpensive guitar accessory and it is very useful for playing guitar with a change in pitch of the sound.

Capo does not vary with the type of guitar hence you can buy a capo and it works for every type of guitar like acoustic guitar, ukulele, electric guitar.

Benefit Of Capo:

You can sing any kind of song(high pitch or low pitch) in accordance with your voice and match the pitch of the song with your voice.

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4. Tuner:

The tuner is one of the necessary accessories of the guitar. you can tune your guitar with or without tuner but if you are serious about music and guitar then you should buy a guitar tuner.

If you don’t want to spend money on a physical tuner then you can go for a mobile app also to tune your guitar. also, some people tune a guitar without a physical tuner or app.

you can learn how to tune a guitar easily with just some of the basics.

So, a guitar tuner is a need for the beginner as well as professionals so instead of searching for an alternate option for tuning, you should have one tuner for your guitar.

A tuner is different for electric guitar and acoustic guitar hence before buying a tuner, check whether the tuner is compatible with your guitar or not.

Note: If you have an electro-acoustic guitar then you don’t need to have a tuner because your guitar already has an in-built tuner.

Acoustic Guitar Tuner:

An acoustic guitar can be tuned by some digital tuners. you should buy an acoustic guitar tuner with your guitar so that your guitar won’t sound horrible.

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Electric Guitar Tuner:

Electric guitars are more of a professionals thing and if you are a daily player then you need to have one tuner with yourself.

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5. Peg Winder:

Peg winder is basically to tighten the tuning peg while tuning the guitar. you can also tune the guitar without peg winder by using your hands.

Remember that the guitar is a very sensitive thing so while you are being with guitar, just be kind with it because a little of more pressure on the guitar tuning peg can break strings.

So, having a peg winder is purely an individual’s choice but my recommendation is to have it.

What else should I buy with Peg winder?

If you are searching for a full kit to handle strings then I recommend you buy a 3 in 1 accessory which consists of peg winder, string cutter, and pin puller.

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6. Gig Bag:

Guitar bags are like the protector of your guitar.

Gig bags protects guitar wood from dust particles. Dust particles harm guitar wood very badly and it can affect your guitar’s sound and also the guitar’s life.

Guitar bags make you easy to carry the guitar with yourself without getting it to affect from dust and dirt present outside there.

So buying a gig bag is not a bad option even if you are a regular guitar player because a gig bag is not only for travelers or for dust protector but it also helps you with safe guitar placement.

Note: Before buying a guitar gig bag, make sure that you are buying the bag of the same size as your guitar.

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7. Guitar Picks/Plectrum:

At the beginning of a guitar player, he/she will face the major problem in the strumming of the guitar which is the main part of the guitar.

After some experience, you can play guitar without plectrum/pick but if you are a beginner then having a pick is very important because it makes strumming guitar very easy.

How to choose a perfect pick to play guitar?

See, if you are really concerned about guitar then this is very important.

So some people like a thick pick because they strum very lightly but some people love to strum with a thin pick so that they can play it with the feeling without getting into the non-comfort zone.

My suggestion: go for a thin plectrum/pick if you are a beginner.

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8. Guitar Holder:

Are you a regular guitar player?

If yes, then putting the guitar in the guitar case every day after playing, might be frustrating. the guitar holder helps the guitar hanging on the wall easily.

Guitar holder is mainly used for a very charming look of the wall so if you want your wall to look beautiful and you want to show your guitar then you should have a guitar holder.

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9. Guitar Stand:

Guitar stands are mainly to protect your guitar from having any bend or scratch on the lower part(soundbox) of the guitar.

If you play the guitar regularly then you might not love to put your guitar directly on the surface, So you will need a guitar stand for them.

Guitar stands are not costly at all so you can buy them if you are a regular player but if you are confident that you can put guitar safely with yourself then you might not need it.

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10. Allen Key:

A set of Allen key is a must-have product you should have because, with time passes, the neck of the guitar sometimes gets bend a little bit which causes the space between strings and fretboard gets larger.

what is the problem in having a larger space between strings and fretboard?

If the guitar has a large distance between strings and fretboard then you might have problems like:

  • harder in playing chords.
  • The bad sound quality of the guitar.

If your guitar has a truss rod then you can fix this problem with the help of the Allen key and keep your guitar normal.

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11. Guitar Belt:

Guitar belts are for those who play guitar at the stage. So if you perform at college/school festivals then you should have at least 2 different guitar belts.

Many guitars come with a belt but 90% of those belts are black colored belts. And honestly, black belts are good for some time but having a good looking belt is necessary if you are a stage player.

Having a good looking guitar gives an extra impression to the audience even if it is an audience of 1 person. So belts are important for you if you are concern about looks.

Now attaching a guitar belt is also difficult if you have only one guitar strap pin at the bottom part of the guitar.

Guitar Buying Guide

So, If you have only one guitar strap pin like in the picture then you might think that How to attach a guitar strap belt?

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12. Guitar Cleaner:

Have you ever wondered why the life of some guitar is very less?

Because the wood of the guitar gets rough with time and it affects sound directly. Now some guitars have a good quality of wood(laminated top) but even if the quality of wood is good, you still need to clean your guitar.

Guitar cleaners are basically to keep guitars away from dust and make the wood shine like a brand new guitar.

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Bottom Line:

All the above accessories I have mentioned are not necessary if you have an alternative or you think that you can go on without them.

These 12 guitar accessories will make your guitar long lasting. And the sound of the guitar will always be very sweet and it won’t hurt your ears with bad sound quality.

If you care for your guitar then the life of guitar will be more than 7-8 years.

Some of the other guitar accessories:

  1. Tuning Peg
  2. Guitar Strap Pin(If you only have one)
  3. Guitar Bridge pin
  4. Pickguard(to protect your guitar while strumming)

So These were the overall guitar accessories you should have if you are capable of having them.

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