Fender SA-105 Acoustic Guitar – Complete Review

Fender SA105C

Fender SA-105 is a dreadnought acoustic guitar and is also known as Squier SA-105 as the series is known as Squier series.

There are many features in this guitar that will be discussed in this blog.

So, let us start from the top of the guitar. The headstock of the guitar consists of the tuning peg/tuning key, nut.


The headstock of the guitar means the tuning peg and the nut of the guitar.

1. Tuning Peg:

Squier SA-105C has Die-cast tuners, that are the basic guitar tuners in the guitar. The tuning pegs are smooth and easy to use.

2. Guitar Nut:

The guitar nut most of the guitars used, are simple plastic. And Squier SA-105C has also used plastic nut for the guitar.

The width of the nut is 4.3 cm. It means that the nut has enough width.

Headstock of guitar
Guitar neck


The guitar neck consists of the fretboard and the wood of the back of the neck.

1. Fretboard:

The fretboard of the Squier is made up of Stained Hardwood.

2. Neck wood:

The wood that is used in Squier is Nato wood. The nato wood has a beautiful coarse texture and good natural luster that makes the wood precious. This wood is similar to mahogany wood.

3. Neck Finishing:

The neck has a beautiful Satin Urethane finishing that makes the neck very shiny and beautiful.

4. Frets:

The guitar has a total of 20 Frets that is the highest in an acoustic guitar. It means is a full-sized acoustic guitar. It has white dot inlays on 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th fret.

5. Scale Length:

The guitar has 25.3 inch of scale length.


Fender Squier SA-105C has a dreadnought acoustic body with a big sound box that creates high resonance inside the sound box and then it produces very loud sound.

1. Body Back/Sides:

The back and sides of the dreadnought body are made up of Laminated Nato wood and the texture of the wood is great.

2. Body Top:

The top of the dreadnought acoustic body is made up of Laminated Spruce that makes the body hard and it helps in the quality of sound.

3. Bridge:

The bridge of this Squier SA-105C dreadnought acoustic guitar is made up of Painted Maple with Compensated Saddle.

Fender Soundbox

Highlighted Features Of Fender Guitar:

  • It is a cutaway acoustic guitar that makes your finger’s reach to higher frets easily.
  • The guitar has a dreadnought body that produces a loud sound.
  • It has 20 Frets.
  • The scale length of the guitar is 25.3 inches.
  • The guitar is made up of Nato wood.
  • It has a 4.3 cm wide nut.
  • The guitar has die-cast tuners.
  • It is has a built-in tuner.
  • It is an electro-acoustic guitar.

Bottom Line:

This Fender guitar is one of the best guitars in the Indian market and it is one of the best fender guitars.

If you are a beginner and you are looking for a long term guitar with great sound quality then fender Squier SA-105C dreadnought acoustic guitar might be the best guitar for you.

Fender SA-105C is the best guitar in terms of compatibility and looks.

Fender SA-105 Acoustic Guitar - Complete Review
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Fender SA-105 Acoustic Guitar - Complete Review
Fender guitar is one of the great acoustic guitars and this Fender SA-105 is a masterpiece guitar that you should try. Complete reviews on the guitar.
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