Fender CD-60 Dread V3 DS Acoustic Guitar: The Best Fender Guitar?

Fender CD Dread V3 DS

Fender CD-60 Dread V3 DS acoustic guitar is a dreadnought acoustic guitar with great sound quality.

There are many features in this guitar that will be discussed in this blog.


The headstock of the guitar means the tuning peg and the nut of the guitar.

1. Tuning Peg:

The Guitar has die-cast tuners that are very easy to use and they are common.

2. Guitar Nut:

The guitar nut is made up of Graph Tech® NuBone™ and the width of the nut width is approximately 4.3 cm that is 1.69 inches.

Fender CD-60 Dread V3 DS Headstock
Fender CD-60 Dread V3 DS Neck


The guitar neck consists of the fretboard and the wood of the back of the neck.

1. Fretboard:

The fretboard of the CD-60 Dread V3 DS is manufactured in walnut wood that is a great wood for musical instruments.

2. Neck wood:

The wood that is used in the manufacturing of Fender CD-60 Dread V3 DS is Mahogany wood that is very costly and great wood.

3. Neck Finishing:

The neck has a beautiful Gloss Urethane finishing that makes the guitar shiny and beautiful.

4. Frets:

The guitar has a total of 20 Frets that is the highest in an acoustic guitar. It means is a full-sized acoustic guitar. It has white dot inlays on 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th fret. The radius of the fretboard is 30 cm.

5. Scale Length:

The guitar has 25.3 inches of scale length which is a decent scale length that means there is no compromise in the length of frets.


The Dread in this guitar stands for the dreadnought body of the guitar and this guitar has a great acoustic body with Scalloped X-bracing inside the body that creates high resonance inside the body and produces a loud sound.

1. Body Back/Sides:

The back and sides of the dreadnought body are made up of Laminated Mahogany wood that is one of the best guitar wood. It has a beautiful gloss polyurethane finishing also.

2. Body Top:

The top of the dreadnought acoustic body is a spruce top that makes the top of the body hard.

3. Bridge:

The bridge of this acoustic guitar is made up of walnut wood.

4. Pickguard:

The Guitar has a black pickguard that protects the guitar from scratch by guitar picks.

Fender CD-60 Dread V3 DS Body

Highlighted Features:

  • It has Scalloped X-bracing inside the soundbox that creates better resonance inside the soundbox.
  • The guitar has a dreadnought body that produces a loud sound.
  • It has 20 Frets.
  • The scale length of the guitar is 25.3 inches.
  • The guitar is made up of laminated mahogany wood with a spruce top.
  • It has a 4.3 cm wide nut.
  • The guitar has die-cast tuners.
  • It is an affordable guitar.

Bottom Line:

According to me, Fender CD-60 Dread V3 DS is the best acoustic guitar of the fender brand. This guitar has everything that a decent guitar should have with great features.

The price of this guitar is not high either, which makes it more attractive. This guitar is completely made up of mahogany wood that enhances the quality of the guitar.

The Fender brand makes this one of the most promising guitars of their brand. If you are looking for the best fender guitar in terms of price and quality then this might be the best choice for you.

Fender CD-60 Dread V3 DS Acoustic Guitar: The Best Fender Guitar?
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Fender CD-60 Dread V3 DS Acoustic Guitar: The Best Fender Guitar?
Fender CD-60 Dread V3 DS is one of the best acoustic guitars of Fender and it has great features that make it worth buying.
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