8 Amazing Guitars in India You Don’t Know

Yes, you got that right. Guitars are all about the sound and how long it can go?

Here we have some best guitars of the best brands with amazing sound quality and promising features at Affordable prices.

You might have heard of some brands like Yamaha Guitars, Cort Guitars, etc, but we have more than that also.

I personally believe that these guitars are the best guitars to buy. & if you have a different opinion then please let me know in the comment section.

8 Best Guitars In India

When it comes to purchasing a guitar, people will end up having regret about the brand of guitar, the quality, and the money.

So, I am here to make you purchase the 8 best guitars in India. Now you might think that why only in India? why not all over the world?

So, the reason is that the average price of guitars outside India is almost 1000$ and I am not joking right now it’s the truth. But you don’t have to worry about it the average price of guitars in India is very much low than you are thinking and that is almost 5,000 – 12,000 INR.

Now, let me come to the point. I’ve done great research for the best guitars in India and I end up having 8 best guitars for you that are available here.

one most important thing, here all the Acoustic guitars I have mentioned are the best guitar in India and each has some Pros and Cons which I have mentioned in every guitar section.

But before you move forward, I want to say that if you have any kind of doubts or any kind of problem with this content, make sure to ask questions in the comment section below, I will try to give you the best possible reply within 6-8 hours.

1. Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F310

Yamaha F310 is probably India’s one of the favorite guitars available in the market and this guitar is probably the best guitar for beginners.

Overview :

Yamaha F310 is a dreadnought Guitar (Guitar which has a big sound box) which produces a loud and good sound. also, it has a beautiful finishing at the back of sound hall. And it has 20 Frets with 1 Pickguard.

So, if this guitar is matching your budget then it is the best guitar for beginners. and if you have any questions about this you can ask me in the comment section.So, if this guitar is matching your budget then it is the best guitar for beginners. and if you have any questions about this you can ask me in the comment section.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions:
    • Total length-: 40.5 inches (Not much relevant)
    • width : 4.2-4.5 inches
    • scale length: 25.2 inches(Good thing for beginners so that the finger stress is lesser when you just started)
  • Body Material:
    • tuners: closed die-cast tuners
    • laminated spruce top
    • neck: nato wood
    • fretboard & bridge : rosewood

Personally, I love Yamaha guitars because they are affordable and also they are better than the price you are paying for them. here, I attached a video with this make sure you watch it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2JLvi3rovs


  • Best For Beginners;
  • Affordable price;
  • well finished with great loud sound;
  • dreadnought body with loud acoustic sound. 


  • distance between 2 strings is less so it makes fingerstyle difficult for beginners
  • scale length is quite shorter(which is absolutely good for beginners but not for professionals);

1.1 Yamaha F370 NAT Acoustic Guitar Natural:

Yamaha F370

This Yamaha F370 is the newer version of Yamaha F310 so there is nothing to write much about this guitar as it as the same features as of the above guitar. So I just mentioned this guitar as this is the latest in the Yamaha F Series.

The only difference between Yamaha F310 and Yamaha F370 is that:-

  • The pickguard is of tortoise pattern in F370
  • Tuners : Die-cast Chrome(TM-29T)

that’s it.

These are the difference between these 2 guitars hence now the choice is yours. also, The sound is the same in both the guitars. the price might differ which you can check on amazon by clicking on the link.

2. Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F280

Now again Yamaha? yes, Yamaha F280. it’s like a twin brother of the Yamaha F310 because they have almost the same specifications and the dimensions. The only difference between Yamaha F310 and F280 is that the F280 Model is manufactured in India. hence, it is cheap guitar than the other Yamaha guitars.

Now, the point is that the Yamaha doesn’t clarify that actual wood of the guitar as they just mentioned that the wood is Indian local wood.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions :
    • Total length-: 40.3 inches (Not much relevant)
    • width-: 4.1-4.5 inch
    • scale length-: 25.1 inches(Good thing for beginners so that the finger stress is lesser when you just started)
  • Body Material:
    • tuners: closed die-cast tuners
    • laminated spruce top
    • back: matte finished
    • fretboard & bridge : rosewood

At the end I just want to say you that this guitar is better in comparison to sound and also it is available at lower price. So, if you are looking to a perfect beginner guitar then this might be the choice I would recommend you.


  • Best For Beginners;
  • Affordable price;
  • well finished with great loud sound;
  • dreadnought body with loud acoustic sound. 
  • better sound than the Yamaha F310.


  • the dimensions are not exact.
  • the string spacing has not improved.

3. Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar

Cort AD810

This Guitar Cort AD810 is a perfect measured guitar and I believed that this guitar is awesome as this guitar has awesome features and the best thing about this guitar is that it is a dreadnought guitar with very good sound quality and is compatible for pro learners as well as beginners also. It has a perfect dimension a dreadnought guitar should have. It has a very good base.

The big soundbox create a better Resonance in this guitar.

This is the guitar which has just perfect sound and measurement and I strongly believe that it has a better sound and better quality of wood.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions:
    • Total length: Exact 41 inch Guitar
    • width : 4.6 inch
    • scale length: 25.3 inch
  • Body Material:
    • tuners: chrome die-cast tuners
    • laminated spruce top
    • back & neck: mahogany wood (Top wood)
    • fretboard & bridge : rosewood
    • It has a Dovetail joint at the back which improves sound quality.
    • It has scalloped bridge which makes strings closer to the fretboard.

So, if you are looking for a long-term guitar and your budget matches the price then you must go for it with keeping your eyes closed.


  • A perfect dimensional guitar.
  • Dreadnought Guitar with good sound quality.
  • Beginner’s as well as Professional’s guitar.
  • Affordable price.


  •  It doesn’t have a strap pin at the back for the belt (you have to go for the shop to pluck it).

4 Vault EA-20 Acoustic Guitar

Vault EA20

Vault EA-20 is a premium Cutaway guitar which a newer model of Vault and it is a well-measured guitar at all. Now, if you are a person who is uncomfortable with that 41-inch dreadnought because of the size and you are looking for a better option then you can go for this guitar as it has some better features than other guitars.

This is the best guitar for beginners, this guitar is well-measured and it is well finished & it has a truss rod(if after some months or years the neck/fretboard gets bend then you can solve that issue with the truss rod) also the taper width is thicker in this guitar. 

Key Features:

  • Dimensions:
    • Total length: Exact 40 inch Guitar
    • 5.5 cm at 14th fret(width of Fret-board)
  • Body Material:
    • tuners: chrome die-cast tuners
    • well finished body
    • fretboard & bridge : rosewood


  • It is a Cutaway acoustic guitar. so, your finger will reach 20th fret easily.
  • It comes with a truss rod. so, you can adjust the neck easily with the Allen key.
  • it has a very premium look.

 This guitar is basically for those who are not comfortable with the big size acoustic guitar.


  • Best For Beginners;
  • Affordable price;
  • it comes with truss rod;
  • it comes with a 2 year warranty.


  •  It is not a dreadnought guitar so, the sound will not more loud and supreme.

5. Epiphone DR-100, Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone DR100

Epiphone dreadnought guitar is one of the best guitars in India because it is a big brand of guitars and this guitar is a perfect example of The best guitar with actual measurement and a loud beautiful sound.

Epiphone is one of the best brands of guitars and trust is the only reason for the brand name but the only problem here is that the price of these guitars is much higher than an average guitar. So, if your budget is matching with the price of this guitar then you can go for it.


Epiphone DR-100 is a 41-inch dreadnought acoustic guitar which includes 20 Frets and the most of the body is made up of mahogany wood with a dovetail joint at the back for better music quality and also, it comes with a truss rod for neck adjustment. hence, it is a complete package of best guitar.


  • Best guitar For Beginners as well as professionals;
  • sound quality is very much awesome;
  • well finished and well measured guitar.
  • dreadnought body will create high resonance.


  • costly guitar;
  • high maintenance.

6. Fender FA-115 Dreadnought Guitar

Fender FA 115

Fender FA-115 is the most popular guitar because its sound is very good also it comes with a great quality of wood(mahogany wood) with a laminated top. Fender FA-115 is a great guitar but its price is quite higher than other guitars. 

So, it is a 41-inch guitar with dreadnought body style and 20 Frets with actual measurement of guitar. hence if your budget meet the price of this guitar then you can go for it as it is best guitar for beginners and professionals.

key Features -:

  • Dreadnought body style
  • Natural gloss finish spruce top with “X”-bracing, basswood back and sides
  • 20-fret laminated fingerboard
  • Hardwood bridge with compensated saddle
  • Includes gig bag, picks, strap and spare strings


  • trusted company;
  • well measured guitar;
  • sound quality is pretty amazing;
  • well finished.


  • price is high.

Now, here all the guitars I was showing you are the best brand of guitars, but now some people might not want to spend much money right now but they are just beginners and want to have cheap guitars for them. so here are the cheap guitars for you.

7. Kadence Frontier Series

Kadence Frontier Series

So, this kadence frontier is a 39-inch medium size guitar and this is a very cheap guitar and the best guitar for those who don’t want to spend more money right now but also want to learn guitar. so this guitar is a good guitar overall but its sound is not comparable with others but it is a guitar a person should buy if he is a beginner guitarist and can’t spend much on it in starting. it has some features which are comparable with other guitars also.

Key Features:-

  • 39-inch guitar & 20 frets.
  • 2 strap pin for those who prefer to have a belt while playing.
  • the fretboard is quite impressive.
  • purely made from linden wood.


  • a suitable guitar for beginners;
  • cheap guitar;
  • a decent guitar with an above average qualities.


  • sound quality is quite normal;
  • not for long-term use.

8. Jixing black Acoustic Guitar

jixing acoustic guitar

So, here we have a jixing guitar which is, to be honest, is a very cheap guitar but also a very good guitar for beginners who just want to learn first. but, if you don’t want to compromise with sound then you must check other guitars also. but, if your budget doesn’t want you to buy an expensive guitar then you can go for it blindly and if you are a beginner then this is a great guitar to start with. but if you have a budget of 6,000 then you should try some other guitars as well.

Key Features:-

  • 38-inch guitar with 18 Frets
  • Contents: Acoustic Guitar with Strap, Bag, Strings and 3 Picks
  • small guitar, so better for those who are uncomfortable with dreadnought guitars.
  • full body is of linden wood.
  • it has a cutaway in guitar to fingers are easy to reach 18th fret.


  • it’s a pure beginner guitar;
  • cheap guitar;
  • light weight guitar, so you can carry it with yourself anywhere.


  • it is not going to last for more than 1 year;
  • The sound quality is not that great.

now, these are the best affordable guitars for everyone, so if you are thinking of buying a guitar then click on the button to buy these awesome products from amazon. And if you have any query related to these or any guitars then you can drop a comment below and I make sure to reply you within 6-8 hours.

8 Best Acoustic Guitars In India
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