5 Best Guitar Brands You Can’t Ignore

I know that you are looking for the best guitar brands and I promise you that I won’t disappoint you.

More than 100s of guitar brands are out there in the market. But I will suggest you 5 best guitar brands.

These guitar brands are selective about their product and they produce the best guitars for beginners as well as professionals.

I am suggesting these brands so that when you buy a guitar online, you will not regret your choice.

And the best thing about these brands that they are not even that expensive and more compatible for long term use.

I hope that you are not here to know about the history of the brands because I am not telling you the stories that how and when the company has been established.

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1. Yamaha Guitars

Yamaha F280
Yamaha guitars

Personally, Yamaha guitar Brand is one of my favorite guitar brands and the reason is that Yamaha guitars are in mainly low price but high-quality guitars.

Even if you are a professional guitarist you might feel some connections with this brand.

This is one of the most promising and trustworthy guitar brands and If you are a beginner and looking for a guitar then you don’t even have to go down on this page because this is the best brand for beginner’s guitar.

let’s discuss Pros and Cons for Yamaha guitars.


    • Affordable Guitars
    • Best Guitar for Beginners
    • The sound quality of Yamaha guitars is awesome.


    • It mostly has dreadnought(large size) guitars, so if you are not comfortable with then it is not worth buying for you.

It doesn’t matter that you are a beginner or professional guitarist. Yamaha is one of the best guitar brands in India. and it has features of guitars which are more than 20,000 INR.


Yamaha guitars are affordable guitars with high-quality sound and are capable to compete with very costly brands.

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2. Cort Guitars

Cort AD810
Cort guitar

Cort is one of the most famous guitar brands in the world. Now, you might have some questions like

why would I buy a Cort guitar? or

what makes Cort different from other guitar brands?

So, the answer is that Cort guitars have exact measurements and as you are about to become a guitarist then you should know that measurements play a very important role in the sound and play.

This is the best guitar brand for beginners because it is a more affordable guitar and as a beginner, you should start with this kind of guitar brand.

Cort guitars are very friendly and they have a better resonance than Yamaha guitars. Hence, if you are looking for a long-term guitar than you should go for Cort guitars for sure.


  • Best Measurements of guitars.
  • Sound quality is supreme.
  • Most of the Cort guitars have a Scooped bridge which makes the distance between the string and fretboard is less.


  • Affordable guitars but more costly than Yamaha Guitars.


Cort guitars are affordable guitars and these guitars have better measurements and better sound quality.

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3. Fender guitars

Fender SA150
Fender guitar

Fender is one of the best selling guitar brands. it has some best cheap guitars for beginners.

It has professional guitars also but they might be not very good for you.

These guitars are mostly Imported from the USA. But to be very honest I haven’t tried Fender guitar yet but when I checked reviews of people from different sources I get to know that 30/100 people are not very much satisfied with costly guitars but they are happy for guitars price of 10000 INR.

Now you might think that why I mention this brand is the best brand?

The reason is That This is very much loved by India hence this is one of the best brands of the guitar in India.


  • Best Guitar for Beginners.
  • The sound quality is good.
  • The Affordable price of guitars.


  • Not for Professionals


Fender guitars are affordable guitars and these guitars have good sound quality.

But these Guitars are not for professionals.

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4. Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone DR100
Epiphone guitar

Epiphone guitars are Gibsons guitar because Epiphone comes under Gibson company.

These guitars are made in Asia guitars but they have mainly costly guitars which are for the professional guitarists.

The Epiphone brand has a very good sound quality and these guitars are better in comparison to Gibson guitars but they are less costly then Gibson.

If you are a beginner and you want to invest money in guitars for 3-4 years then you should buy Epiphone guitars under 12000 INR or if you are a professional then you should go for a higher price.


  • Best guitar for beginners as well as professionals.
  • The sound quality in dreadnought guitars of epiphone is very good.


  • Costly guitars


Epiphone guitars are quite costly guitars as they are a better competition for bigger brands also.

But these guitars are more for beginners who want to spend for a very long term and also this is a purely professional brand.

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5. Ibanez Guitar

Ibanez guitar
Ibanez guitar

Fender guitars occupy a very big portion in the musical industry and it is well known for its solid products.

These guitars are quite costly because of the quality of wood used for them.

Fender guitars are long term guitars and mainly these guitars are for professionals as I would not recommend a beginner because the price of guitars is very high.

Hence if you are a beginner then you should try the other brands like Yamaha, Cort and when you become an intermediate player then you can choose this brand.


  • Best guitar for professionals.
  • The sound quality is supreme as the wood used for this brand is high class.
  • Very long term guitars.


  • Overpriced guitars.
  • Not for Beginners.


Overall Ibanez is a very high-class brand for musical instruments but the price of Ibanez guitars is high.

Ibanez is a very long term guitar but according to me, these guitars are either for intermediate or for professional guitarists.

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