Acoustic Guitar Vs Electric Guitar: Beginner’s Guide

When you want to learn a musical instrument, One question that occurs in mind that which instrument should I learn first?

That is where the fight with Acoustic guitar Vs Electric guitar begins. So, I am going to show you the best instrument to start the hobby.

Overview-: Acoustic Guitar Vs Electric Guitar

Most of the people get confused by the available choices for guitars and asks questions like, what is the best guitar to start with as a beginner, is it electric guitar or an acoustic guitar?

And this fight goes on until you don’t understand the meaning and importance of both of these guitars. So, instead of debating that which is better, let’s understand both of the guitars for a better knowledge.

Acoustic Guitar:

acoustic guitar


An acoustic guitar is a string musical instrument that produces sound from its sound hall. Acoustic guitar has mainly steel strings with the Tuning : EBGDAE.

It is used to play for all type of songs and having a hobby of an acoustic guitar is great as it helps you in singing part also.

Accessories Needed:

In an acoustic guitar you will need some of the accessories like:

  • Guitar Picks
  • Strings
  • Belt

That’s all. It means the major part of accessories are cheaper. Also, you can play it anywhere and anytime.


A high quality of acoustic guitar is not very costly that means the price of acoustic guitars are not very high. So everyone can afford it.

Electric Guitar:


An electric guitar is a complicated instrument. It is used for higher amplified sound that can give you goosebumps.

Electric guitar is a 6 string nickel plated or steel string guitar that produces great quality of sound.

Accessories Needed:

Some of accessories are needed to play an electric guitar, like:

  • Guitar Amplifier
  • Picks
  • Belt
  • Strings

These are the total accessories that needs to be with you while playing it.


A good quality of electric guitar comes with a high price and it can not be affordable to everyone in the beginning.

Benefits Of Acoustic Guitar Over Electric Guitar:

I have mentioned several benefits of learning acoustic guitar over electric guitar as a beginner.

Price Of Guitars/Accessories:

  • The price of good quality acoustic guitar is very less than that of an electric guitar.
  • Electric guitar necessarily needs an amplifier to amplify the sound of guitar but acoustic guitar does not need it.


  • Electric guitar needs a huge setup that might creates trouble for you but an acoustic guitar does not need any kind of setup. It’s just you and acoustic guitar.
  • An electric guitar needs electricity connection to play it on higher sound while an acoustic guitar does not need any electric help.

Learning Time:

  • Most people observe that you can learn electric guitar within 20-30 days if you already know how to play an acoustic guitar.
  • You can learn acoustic guitar within 45 days of consisting practice.


  • You can play almost every song on acoustic guitar whether you can not play every song on an electric guitar.

Benefits Of Electric Guitar Over Acoustic Guitar:

Stage Performance:

  • If you want to be a stage performer then electric guitar is a better choice for you than an acoustic guitar.

Amplified Sound Quality:

  • An electric guitar produces very highly amplified sound whether an acoustic guitar’s sound is normal.


At the end of this, I want to tell you that every kind of instrument has its own benefits and drawbacks. hence you need to understand that what kind of the instrument is going to suit you.

My Personal Preference: I would like to suggest you an acoustic guitar as a beginner for various reasons:

  • Acoustic Guitars are affordable.
  • They are easy to learn.
  • Their setup is easy and easily accessible everywhere.

So, An acoustic guitar is a better option for a beginner. After you learn acoustic guitar, you can go for electric guitar and ukuleles also.

Acoustic Guitar Vs Electric Guitar
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Acoustic Guitar Vs Electric Guitar
A beginner has a lot of questions regarding the guitar, like which is the best guitar to start with? and then the talks start for Acoustic guitar Vs Electric guitar?. In this article, I try to let you understand the difference between acoustic guitar and electric guitar.
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