Some Common Acoustic Guitar Problems Faced By Beginners

Have you started your guitar journey? If yes, then there are some of the problems that you either having or you are going to have them later.

There are a lot of problems that a guitarist face but these are some of the most common acoustic guitar problems.

The Guitar problems are:-

  1. Shifting in guitar chords
  2. Playing barre chords
  3. Finger Pain
  4. Tuning the guitar
  5. Songs to practice
  6. String an acoustic guitar
  7. A perfect guitar to buy

And when these problems occurs, Some people think that they can not play an acoustic guitar because it is too hard to play.

Here you go with all the solutions to these problems.

1. A beginner guitarist like you, might not comfortable in shifting the guitar chords.

changing guitar chords problem

Solution: This is one of the most common problems that occur with beginner guitarists. You can easily shift guitar chords by following these several chord changing exercises:

1(1). Start practicing slowly:

This is the 1st and very important step for chord shifting, that is “don’t be in rush”. Start shifting very slowly so that you won’t miss to press any string for the chord.

1(2). Go with a rhythm:

Set a rhythm like 4 down strokes only and then change the chord and again 4 down strokes. And when you understand this rhythm then you must follow this rhythm for a long time to make sure that you have a good control over chord shifting.

1(3). Practice with a metronome:

For understanding the timing, you must practice strumming with a metronome so that you won’t miss a strumming and set the speed of metronome according to your comfort but keep increasing it for better performance.

1(4). Use correct finger at correct fret:

Make sure you check the chord on google or somewhere else to understand the position of the finger on the string so that your fingers won’t feel more tension during the strumming and changing of the chords.

1(5). Start with easier chords:

Start shifting with basic chords so that you can learn shifting easily and fast.

2. Playing barre chords:

Barre chords are probably the most important chord type in guitar. It can help you play any kind of song at any pitch.

One can easily play barre chords with some techniques and strength on fingers.

barre chords

You can easily play barre chords if follow these simple steps:

1. Put your first finger completely and straight on the fretboard:

You have to put your index finger straight because if the index finger is not straight then the strings will produce a buzz sound and you’ll feel more pain.

2. Press your thumb at the back of the neck:

It is one of the main step to generate the power from the thumb by pressing it against the neck. It helps in producing a soothing sound.

3. Start practicing the higher frets initially:

Now it is the main step that you should practice at the higher frets like 7th fret for barre chord because it decreases the tension on the index finger and you will learn it quickly.

4. Explore all barre chords and start playing:

After all the above steps, just google the barre chords and start practicing them one by one.

3. Which guitar songs to practice if you are a beginner?

Here are some of the easiest guitar songs for a beginner.

4. Finger touching 2 strings by mistake.

finger touching 2 strings by mistake

It is one of the most common acoustic guitar problems that one finger touching 2 strings unintentionally. You can easily overcome it by doing just these 2 things:

  1. Cut of your nails.
  2. Always press strings with the top of the fingers and not with the palm side of the fingers.

5. Finger Pain:

finger pain due to guitar

Finger pain is the most common issue for guitarists as there is nothing that you can do to get rid of this pain. and you might come across some finger accessory that covers your finger but I feel that those are just waste of money.

Finger pain from guitar is the most beautiful pain if you are really looking forward for this musical instrument.

How to reduce finger pain due to the guitar strings:

  • If you’re just starting then firstly start with just 15 minutes of practice 2-3 times a day.
  • Cut off your nails so that your fingers won’t feel high tension.
  • Try not to slide your fingers on the strings so that the fingers won’t bleed.
  • Don’t go hard on the strings, The guitar doesn’t need much pressure for a good sound.

6. Which guitar should a beginner buy?

Everyone who is going to buy an acoustic guitar, you must know about the best acoustic guitars in the market so that you won’t regret your choice later in this journey.

I have met a lot of people, who don’t like their own guitar due to some issues in the size, sound, colour, weight.

So, before you buy any acoustic guitar, you must read about the best guitars and also you should read the guitar buying guide so that you can have a proper enough knowledge about the guitars.

7. I cannot tune my guitar properly.

Tuning guitars are most easiest task for a professional guitarist but for a beginner, it is one of the most annoying think because the guitar might not tune by a beginner easily.

The tuning part of the guitar gets easier when you use professional tuners.

If you can not afford to buy a tuner then you can use some online tuners for yourself like guitar tuna or fender tuner.

These are some common issues of the beginner guitarists.

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